Hollyweird: Christian Love, Tim Bonhomme and Randell Kirsch S04EP16

On this episode of Roger The Wild Child Show: Hollyweird we are joined by Christian Love, Tim Bonhomme and Randell Kirsch of The Beach Boys!


Christian Love is the son of Mike Love, co-founder and lead singer of Legendary 60’s band The Beach Boys. He grew up in Santa Barbara, California, where kicking field goals and practicing archery in his back yard soon turned into surfing and girls. He grew up going to his dads shows, watching MTV and listening to bands like The Police, The Smiths, INXS, U2 & Men At Work. That’s what started his true love of music. When he was eighteen, he began playing around on the grand piano in his home on the Mesa and wrote his first two songs. Soon after, he formed a three-piece band called Alex’s Cane. Christian fronted several bands in the 90’s. He opened up for Matchbox 20 and Dave Wakeling of The English Beat

In 2000, Christian formed a new band called 5-Alarm. In 2009 5-Alarm released their first studio album called “Dancing With The Sun”, a compilation of Christian’s songs throughout the previous 20 years

In 2010 Christian formed an 80’s cover band named A Flock Of Cougars. Known as a local favorite, they perform throughout Southern California, attracting dancing crowds for fun days and nights, filled with new wave 80’s music

In 2005 Christian got the opportunity to join his dad with The Beach Boys. From 2005 to 2014 Christian focused his attention and energy to performing and touring with The Beach Boys. He plays the rhythm guitar, sings harmonies and lead vocals on “God Only Knows”, “Good Vibrations”, “Help Me Rhonda” and “Sail On Sailor”. Christian also gets to sing with his dad and trade verses on “Its OK”. In 2011, Christian had the honor of singing God Only Knows at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and he has sang it every night on tour since. When singing songs like Good Only Knows and Good Vibrations, Christian’s vocal tone has been compared to that of the Great Carl Wilson. Christian has enjoyed performing next to his dad over the years

2014-2017 Christian took a break from The Beach Boys to focus on songwriting and other musical ventures for his original music and solo career.

2016 Christian worked with music producer Michael Lloyd. They worked on the song “She’s so fire’ co-written with Marissa Lee. Christian co-produced the song along with Michael and John Stamos. John Stamos also played drums on the track.

The song “What I Feel About You”, also co-written with Marissa Lee, was placed in the show The Young and The Restless in 2018

Christian rejoined The Beach Boys in 2017 and tours with them to the present day.

2020 Christian and Bruce Johnston co-wrote the song “Here We Go Again’ for The Weekend with Producer Rex Cudo

When Christian is not on tour with The Beach Boys, he is an avid beach volleyball player and spends a lot of his time at home playing at East Beach. Christian enjoys going to see his favorite bands in concert, training for volleyball, and hanging out with his friends.

Christian continues to write and produce music everyday while on the road or at home. He is presently looking at opportunities to share his music with an even bigger audience around the globe and for his songs to be heard in movie soundtracks and T.V shows.

In 2022 Christian started work on new music for his latest solo project simply called “Christian Love”. New songs expected to be released by late fall 2022


Randell Kirsch is an American singer songwriter signed to I.R.S. records in the eighties, resulting in one release entitled Show Of Hands in 1989. Several independent releases followed.

 Songs penned by Kirsch can be heard in episodes of Full House, The Equalizer, Star Search, Dreams, Santa Barbara and on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart

 Films that feature Randell’s songs include; Welcome To Eighteen, Gunshy, Barrels Of Fun and Gidget's Summer Reunion.

 The diverse artists who have covered Kirsch's songs include; Jane Wiedlin, Lou Rawls, John Stamos, LuAnn Olson, Pigs On Corn, Papa Doo Run Run and others.

 Randell's voice can be heard on recordings alongside Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Stephen Bishop, Jon Anderson of Yes, Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket, Jan and Dean, The Indigo Girls, Dwight Twilley, Bill Lloyd, The Cowsills, Russell Watson, Boy George, Steve Winwood, Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Cliff Richard, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley of America, Rick Wakeman of Yes, Kenney Jones, Gary Moore, Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones, Celina Cherry, Mike Read, Don Felder of the Eagles and others.

 Randell has also toured with The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Toad The Wet Sprocket and other bands from 1981 to the preset on vocals, guitar, bass, Hammond organ, pedal steel and other instruments.