On this episode of Roger the Wild Child Show: Hollyweird , we are joined by actress, screenwriter, producer and artist, Ming Ballard and alt pop singer/songwriter, Eva Grace!


Ming Ballard is an actress, screenwriter, producer, and artist. She is a classically trained pianist working toward being a concert pianist. Ming wrote, co-produced, and starred in a six-time award-winning horror-comedy feature film, “Vampie: The Silliest Vampire Movie Ever Made”, now on Amazon, Tubi, and Apple. She has two more feature-length horror movies, which she also wrote, will co-produce, and star in: “The Red River”, now in pre-production, and “O Negative”, which has a rock-solid financial plan and pitch deck ready for investors. Ming is the first Asian American woman in Hollywood to write, produce, and star in a full-length award-winning feature film.


The Tucson resident is hoping to lure music fans from all genres with melodies that lean toward alt/indie pop.

She recently released her most recent single “still cry sometimes.” The retrospective song looks at a problematic relationship that has brought continuing personal strife. Other recent releases include “all i see is blue” and “take my pain away,” which have a hyperpop sound. Her plan is to release one new song and corresponding music video every month for a year, starting in August.

“I love the idea of creating visual art that represents all of my auditory art. I’m extremely excited to have music videos to go with everything. I think that it brings new life to the songs and really illustrates the kind of feeling that I want people to get from the songs,” Grace said.

Much of her music focuses on relationships, especially troublesome ones.

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