Hollyweird: Shadoe Stevens S04EP28

On this episode of Roger The Wild Child Show: Hollyweird we are joined by radio/voice/acting icon, Shadoe Stevens! 


Shadoe is one of the most recognized voices in the world. But, he has also been an award-winning worldwide personality and innovator for radio, television, film, new media, and visual arts. He was the host of the biggest radio show in the world, American Top 40, heard in 110 countries heard by more than a billion people a week. Currently, his critically acclaimed “MentalRadio.Net,” audio-theater comedy series - “audio theater on jet fuel” - is in development for television as “Absolutely Mental.” 

As an actor, he was the star of numerous television shows, including the Top 10 sitcom, “Dave’s World” with Harry Anderson on CBS, the one hour comedy-drama, “Max Monroe: Loose Canon” on CBS, “Baywatch,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” Beverly Hills: 90210, the movie “TRAXX,” and one of the stars in two versions of Hollywood Squares. In 2019, he was part of the cast in the EMMY Nominated soap opera satire “The Rich and the Ruthless” that won The INDIE SERIES AWARD: Best Ensemble (Comedy) two years in a row. 

In advertising, he created and starred in the most successful regional campaign in U.S. History, “Fred Rated for Federated,” featuring 1,100 different Monty Python-style commercials; produced the advertising for “The Blues Brothers Movie,” “48 Hours,” “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” and is a CLEO Award winner for advertising. 

In radio, he is widely known for creating, launching, and programming the most successful and widely imitated rock station and format in the country, “World Famous KROQ FM” in Los Angeles and the Alternative Rock format nationwide; the Album-Rock Format with KMET-FM; and was a Billboard Magazine Radio Personality of the Year Award winner. 

In Radio/New Media, he created: RhythmRadio, the Sound of the World in a Good Mood, heard in more than 30 countries and on the Internet in 7 languages; the station and format: CaboWaboRadio for rock star Sammy Hagar; and the hit podcast, Blackout Television. He also created and hosted the internationally syndicated shows: “Top of the World; Rock the World; and Party Planet; all heard nationwide in over 30 countries; and created and hosted “MentalRadio” on SIRIUSXM and the Internet. 

In television, he created and produced “The Weekly Show” for TV One; he’s currently the voice of “The Antenna TV Network,” and was the voice and a cast member of “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson��� on CBS; the “Happy Together Tour” for more than ten years. He, has been the voice of countless commercials and promo campaigns for radio, television, and new media, and won the “Best of Show” Radio Mercury Award (the Academy Awards of Radio Commercials) for “Old Spice. 

As an artist, Shadoe’s multi-media work has been shown at the top gallery on the west coast, Gallerie Michael on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills; Stakenborg/Greenberg Fine Art Gallery in Sarasota, Florida; and this year at Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art in Sedona.. He calls his multi-media approach: “Transcendental Wha Hoo.” He works with Resolutions Therapeutic Services for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Santa Monica and as a motivational speaker, he has taught Master Classes in ”The Art of Creativity” at numerous universities including Loyola Marymount, Santa Monica College, and the Ringling School of Art and Design. He has written five children’s books, has three children, two grand children, and is enthusiastically married to former international model, Beverly Cunningham. 

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