Hollyweird: Tony Mercedes S04EP12

On this episode of Roger The Wild Child Show: Hollyweird we are joined my two time Grammy winning music publisher, Tony Mercedes!


It was never a secret that Atlanta-based music mogul Tony Mercedes would be at the forefront of the music industry one day. It may have been a shock to those radio and music executives who turned down Mercedes’ first song: “Dazzey Dukes” which became the club dance anthem all across the nation in 1992 and generated sales exceeding five million records sold. He was assured early on that year that his debut single “ Dazzey Dukes” would never even leave the State of Florida where he had previously attended the “Jack the Rapper” convention. Not taking “No” for an answer, Mercedes launched his own independent record label out of his hometown Augusta, Georgia. With $2,300.00 Mercedes embarked on what others thought was insane as an amateur to the music industry. That persistence and determination led Mercedes to the top of the music industry and “Dazzey Dukes” to the top of the Billboard charts- making it one of many of Mercedes longest charting records in Billboard history (56 consecutive weeks). Ever since then Mercedes has made unforgettable footprints in this business we call music. Now as President and CEO of Tony Mercedes Music he has risen to the occasion as a creative genius. His ears have been golden in picking number one hit after hits. With songs like TLC’s No Scrubs, and Tag Team’s five time platinum release “ Whomp There It Is”, and 12- Gauges one time platinum release “ Donkey Butt”.

Tony Mercedes added a new meaning to being a Baby’s Daddy when he took B- Rock and the Biz explosively to the top of the Billboard charts with a comedic record titled “My Baby’s Daddy.” If that wasn’t enough Mercedes changed the course of bass history when he released a bass remake of Shirley Murdock’s song “ As We Lay” within three weeks after its release it received almost 2,000 spins a week at radio.

With all of this attention and success surrounding the once unknown Mercedes he found himself being courted by the “Big Shots” of the industry. Within his tenure he has lived up to his end of the bargain, finding hit after hit after hit. The remarkable thing about Tony Mercedes is that he has stayed consistent without the use of established producers. He stands firm in his “I don’t buy hits, I make them” mentality.

When it was time for LaFace Records most selling female group of all time TLC to release their third album after a five year absence – it was Mercedes who came in like a thief in the night finding TLC’s first single. “No Scrubs” written by Tiny & Kandi of the recording group Escape. “No Scrubs” rocketed straight to platinum, success. Mercedes A&R skills are responsible for TLC having this song, which is the most BDS detected record in the history of music (how is that for the Mercedes touch).” No Scrubs” was found with a then unknown producer Shekspere. Proving that he was no scrub. Tony Mercedes ended up having the number one pop song in the country. During yet another exciting time in his career, Mercedes 

also had the number one rap song and the same time with JT Money’s catchy “ Who Dat” song released through Priority Records. Lets not forget his success on Pressha’s Platinum R&B Record, “Splackavellie” which was featured on Ice Cubes “Player Club” soundtrack. According to the May 8th issue of Billboard Magazine, Mercedes had the number on pop song, “No Scrubs”, the number one rap song “Who Dat” and the number one R&B song “No Scrubs” all in the same week on Billboard charts! Fast forward to 2018 the impact of the Tony Mercedes imprint can still be heard by his involvement as music publisher of Grammy Award Winning song “ Shape of You” by music superstar Ed Sheeran. Tony Mercedes has worked with so many great artist such as Usher, Babyface, Ceelo Green, Regina Belle, Miki Howard, Aaron Hall just to name a few. Tony Mercedes also recently managed the career of film and comedy superstar Tiffany Haddish. 

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