Nashville: Justin Biltonen S04EP25

On this episode of Roger The Wild Child Show: Nashville, we are joined by country music singer/songwriter Justin Biltonen (bassist for 3 Doors Down)! 


Justin Biltonen is a Country Artist and Singer Songwriter from Arden, North Carolina. Growing up in the heyday of classic 90’s Country sparked his passion for music. Like many artists, he started playing guitar and singing in church worship groups in high school, however in 2004, fired by rebellious excitement, he began touring the country playing southern fried Rock n’ Roll. During those late night van drives, that wandered endlessly down lonesome highways, he reignited his passion for Country music.

It was bands like Drive By Truckers, Waylon and Shooter Jennings, Brooks and Dunn, Shenandoah and countless other Country artists (all conjured from the soundtrack of his youth), that kept him company on those long drives. It was also during this time Justin began frequent trips to Nashville, Tennessee and fell in love with the music and positive atmosphere within the city’s music community. Learning the ways of Nashville songwriting began an inspiring journey into the professional music world.

In 2013 Justin made the move to Nashville and joined the band 3 Doors Down as the bands bass player and began touring the world in support of numerous chart topping albums. The band’s latest release titled “Us And The Night”, which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Rock Charts, was the first major release Justin wrote and performed on.

In 2018 encouraged by friends, family and fellow songwriters, Justin debuted two songs under his own name. The first two songs “Use You” and “How A Man’s Made” mark a brave chapter in Justin’s musical journey. Driven by a creative calling to make music, Justin quickly released a follow up single in October of the same year. His third single titled “She’s Got The Highway” was released on digital platforms and for the first time, several terrestrial radio markets. 

With two more singles set to be released, numerous live appearances at Broadway honky-tonks and beyond and a rapidly growing fanbase, 2019 is shaping up to be a breakout year for the young Country artist. 

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