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Rob Jankowski S02EP014

On this episode of Roger the Wild Child Show, we are joined by Rob Jankowski, an American actor, director, and writer who is best known for Attached: Paranormal (2021), Tied and Tortured (2020), and Chlorine (2013).


Rob Jankowski was born in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and later moved to Reading Pennsylvania. He always loved and was fascinated with movies and television shows, not just on the show itself but on how it was made, the acting and everything that it takes to make possible. His first acting experience was in a elementary play Snow White. As he got into his teens he purchased a video camera and started to film and act in his own movies with friends. At 17 he was signed by a modeling agency in Philly, Pa. At 19 he was supposed to move to LA to go after his dreams but that fell apart when a business he and a friend started was taking off which led him into a relationship that followed with 2 children. He has worked on sets with A-List Talent and has studied method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute under teachers Dig Wayne and MJ Karmi.

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